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What To Do When Depressed

Depression does not define us. It is not who we are. Please know that if you are experiencing depression, you are far from alone. What should we do when we are feeling down? & Everyday Health list a great deal of helpful coping strategies to implement when experiencing depression. Frankly, many of these should be practiced in daily living to keep us healthy.

  • Support System

When depressed, it can be tempting to isolate ourselves. This is the exact opposite of what we should do. When down, be around those that uplift you. Don’t isolate from those that want to be there for you.

  • Social Activities/Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Staying in bed all day sometimes sounds really nice. Though it can be hard to get out of bed, try your best to do it. Go bowling or watch a movie. Be around friends, doing something you enjoy.

  • Pet

Ever thought about getting a companion? Taking care of a pet is not such a bad idea. In return, you’ll be taking care of yourself.

  • Get Good Sleep, Eat Well, Relax, & Check/Manage Your Stress

Make sure you get proper sleep. Try and not stress yourself out – take time to practice mindfulness, whether that’s walking outside, doing yoga, practicing deep breathing, or some other activity that allows you to be in the moment.

  • Moving

This is a continuation of some of the strategies above. Personally, I love walking outside and being in the sunlight, which boosts serotonin levels. Being active is super important!

  • Challenge Negative Thinking

Balance every negative thought with a positive thought. I struggle with catastrophizing – that scary all-or-nothing thinking. Try starting a journal!

  • Therapy

Millions of people pursue counseling, which, “Allows individuals to express and give voice to internal concerns, worries, and self-talk, without worry that they will walk out or leave them as a result. ​​Taking part in counselling allows you to share your feelings, with someone properly trained and equipped to deal with it and help you.” (Source:

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