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Welcome to Pearlman & Associates, a counseling and therapy practice in St. Louis, Missouri. We are committed to providing excellent individualized care for our clients on their journey toward healing.

At Pearlman & Associates, our therapists work with patients of all ages. We offer individual; couples; family and group therapy for adults, adolescents and children. Our team of therapists and counselors specialize in stress management, anxiety, depression, family concerns, relationship issues, school stressors, life transitions, anger management, and other mental health related issues.

It is a strength and sign of resilience to acknowledge anything that may be interfering with our happiness. We all have the capacity to make positive changes that improve the quality of our lives. The process requires an openness to examining habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that – while once adaptive – may now be limiting growth, hindering relationships, and causing anxiety or depression.

Talking with a therapist will allow you to be more present in your own life, to become insightful about your needs, wants, behaviors and emotions.

A number of benefits are available from participating in psychotherapy. Often it is helpful just to know that someone understands. Therapy can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a solution. Many people find therapy to be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, and the hassles of daily life.

Our first priority is to create an environment of safety and trust so you can overcome, heal, and grow.

As we work together, we will explore your past and present identifying patterns and their roots while finding new, more adaptive ways of thinking and coping. You will process and experience your feelings in a safe environment so that they do not hold you back any longer.

You will have more understanding of yourself and your emotions. Your confidence, your relationships, and your life will improve.

Our St Louis Therapy team is here to help you! Our mental health practice is located at 655 Craig Road, Suite 300 in Creve Coeur, Missouri, 63141 (near the intersection of Olive and 270).

If you have gone through or are going through a painful break up.

If you are feeling misunderstood.

If you find it difficult to relax and enjoy life.

If you are at a crossroads.

If you have suffered a loss and are grieving.

You have just taken the first step in healing and improving your life.

Our Team

Dr. Lena Pearlman, LCSW

Dr. Bryan Pearlman, EdD, LMSW

Rebecca Dougherty, LCSW, C-MHIMP 

Samantha Pearlman, LMSW

Sydnee Maberry, LMSW

Precious, Office Coordinator

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