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St. Louis Therapy Practice Targets Childhood Trauma

St. Louis Therapy Practice Targets Childhood Trauma

There is a student who has and is enduring some major life challenges. She has seen things that we hope nobody ever has to see. She has been abused in many ways and completely neglected. I know her and her situation very well. She is passed back and forth to different caregivers. Best case scenario is that she believes her mom is very busy. A more likely scenario is that she knows that her mom does not care about her at all and does everything possible to have nothing to do with her. Adding to this situation is the fact that the other caregivers don’t care very much for her either. They feed her and put a roof over her head (most nights), but they too want very little to do with her.

Her home existence is one of little contact with others, no love or support. The little contact she gets is negative reinforcement – which includes a great deal of yelling, frustration, and punishments. She struggles with academics. She struggles with behaviors. She is very hard to manage in a school. She is dying for even the smallest amount of attention, love and kindness. Somehow this student gets out of bed, takes an hour bus ride to school, and walks into a school every day!

This student is one of the major reasons why our practice is so committed to helping children who have endured traumatic experiences. We train teachers, counselors, educators, and relatives. We also provide specific counseling and therapy sessions for children who have been traumatized.

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