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St. Louis Therapist, Dr. Lena Pearlman, Shares Information About Warm Weather Depression

St. Louis Therapist, Dr. Lena Pearlman, Shares Information About Warm Weather Depression

As the weather warms up, most people are excited to enjoy longer days, outdoor activities, and barbecues. There are, however, those that suffer from a form of depression that occurs in warmer weather. An estimated two million Americans suffer from a warm weather version of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Most people are aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition occurs in the winter when the weather cools off, the amount of sunlight each day reduces, and people spend more time indoors.

Summertime is a trigger for those who suffer from Summertime Seasonal Affective Disorder (Summertime SAD). When summer begins, those with Summertime SAD begin to experience depressive symptoms. Summer depression often include loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, and anxiety. Medical experts are divided on the exact causes of the disorder, but many believe that it has to do with schedule changes in the summer for students and families, body image concerns due to pool/beach attire, and potentially financial worries due to vacation spending.

Dr. Lena Pearlman, a mental health therapist in the St. Louis, Missouri, has the following advice and suggestions for those who feel sad and experience depressive symptoms primarily in the warm weather months, “Summertime sadness impacts people in much the same way that the winter version does. People are sad, they feel down, they are stressed, they lack energy, and they often have difficulty getting out of bed. My advice would be to plan ahead for the season, seek out help from a licensed therapist, and make certain to notify your primary care physician about the symptoms that you experience only during the warm weather months. There is no reason to suffer alone. This condition can be treated and it is possible to begin to enjoy the warm weather months again!”

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Dr. Lena Pearlman, LCSW, St. Louis Mental Health