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Sleep & Mental Health

You may be asking… What does sleep have to do with mental health? Well, thank you for asking! Sleep and mental health are, in fact, intertwined. 

The Mental Health Foundation says, “We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is essential – It is as important to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. Sleeping helps us to recover from mental as well as physical exertion”. SuicideLine Victoria lists a few mental health benefits that getting a good night sleep can provide; sharpens your attention, improves memory, and lowers stress. A few benefits of sleep beyond just mental health ( include; boosting your immune system, preventing weight gain, and it can strengthen your heart. 

To show how connected both mental health and sleep are, Harvard writes, “Sleep problems are particularly common in patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)”. explains that if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, you might; “Be more likely to feel anxious, depressed or suicidal, be more likely to have psychotic episodes (poor sleep can trigger mania, psychosis or paranoia, or make existing symptoms worse), feel lonely or isolated, struggle to concentrate, feel irritable or not have energy to do things, as well as have problems with day to day life.”

The Sleep Foundation says, “Sufficient sleep, especially REM sleep, facilitates the brain’s processing of emotional information. During sleep, the brain works to evaluate and remember thoughts and memories, and it appears that a lack of sleep is especially harmful to the consolidation of positive emotional content. This can influence mood and emotional reactivity and is tied to mental health disorders and their severity, including the risk of suicidal ideas or behaviors.”

Hopefully, all of the evidence listed above has shown you just how vital good sleep is. To improve your sleep, The Mayo Clinic recommends that you:

-Stick to a sleep schedule

-Pay attention to what you eat and drink

-Create a restful and calming environment 

-Limit naps during day

-Get physical activity during day

-Manage worries 

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