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Mental Health Therapy Myths – True or False

Mental Health Therapy Myths

There are so many myths about mental health therapy that travel around. Some have some factual basis, some are confusing, and others are completely false. Below are five myths that I have heard lately.


Myth #1: Only people who are crazy go to a therapist.

Answer: False

Reality: There are many reasons why people choose to see a therapist. These may include: stress (from work, life or school), depression or feeling down, anxiety, relationship challenges, life transitions, career transition, coping and grieving, conflict, or a host of other mental health related issues or concerns.


Myth #2: Weak people seek out therapy, strong people can solve their issues on their own.

Answer: False

Reality:  Strong and successful people from all walks of life, socioeconomic groups, and careers see a therapist on a regular basis. This includes – professional athletes, celebrities, business people, attorneys, politicians, doctors, nurses, educators, students, and others. These individuals realize the power of having a therapist on their team to help explore and guide them on their journey to feeling their best and living a fulfilled life.


Myth #3: My family and friends are the only support I need to feel better.

Answer: False

Reality: While having a supportive network of family members and friends is important, having an unbiased person to listen and speak to is invaluable. They can help you process and plan for the present and the future.


Myth #4: Therapy is nothing more than a place to vent and complain. Why not go to a bar or a barber shop?

Answer: False

Reality: Therapy is way more than just a place to vent and complain. A skilled therapist will help you to reflect on items or situations that have been challenging or concerning to you. They will work together with you in a problem solving and planning model.


Myth #5: Everyone, including my work, will find out I’m in therapy and this will be a problem.

Answer: False

Reality: There are Federal Laws that protect your health related privacy (under HIPAA). The only way people will find out that you are in therapy is if you tell them.


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