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Dr. Lena Pearlman Practice Update – 11/24/2018


I hope that you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

Something To Think About:
“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”  – John F. Kennedy

Did You Know?
Less than 50% of youth aged 8-15 with a mental illness received services last year.

NPR – “Empowering Kids In An Anxious World”
“Kids are play-deprived nowadays,” says Katherine Reynolds Lewis, a journalist, parent, parent-educator and the author of one of those two new books, The Good News About Bad Behavior. And by “play” she means play without screens or adults keeping watch. “Two or three decades ago, children were roaming neighborhoods in mixed-age groups, playing pretty unsupervised,” Lewis says. And this kind of parent-free play helped them develop important skills they’d use for the rest of their lives. “They were able to resolve disputes. They planned their time. They managed their games. They had a lot of autonomy, which also feeds self-esteem and mental health.”

NAMI Article – “The Double Standard Of Mental Illness”
Mental health conditions are not the only illnesses to suffer from stigma: AIDS, leprosy and obesity are others. However, Princess Diana shook hands and shook the world at the same time. Antibiotics took care of leprosy and obesity receives a lot of attention from the media. But mental health…it still languishes in the shadows. It receives occasional celebrity glances, but I feel like these campaigns actually move mental health further away from understanding. The answer is not more exposure to mental health, but more education. First Aid, CPR and sexual education can be found in schools, gyms and offices. Yet CBT could be mistaken for a television channel and mindfulness still invokes eye-rolling.

TED Talk – “How Can We Bring Mental Health Support To Refugees”
The global refugee crisis is a mental health catastrophe, leaving millions in need of psychological support to overcome the traumas of dislocation and conflict. To undo the damage, child psychiatrist and TED Fellow Essam Daod has been working in camps, rescue boats and the shorelines of Greece and the Mediterranean Sea to help refugees (a quarter of which are children) reframe their experiences through short, powerful psychological interventions. “We can all do something to prevent this mental health catastrophe,” Daod says. “We need to acknowledge that first aid is not just needed for the body, but it has also to include the mind, the soul.”

Therapy Options – In-Person & ONLINE:
Dr. Lena Pearlman Practice Update – 11/24/2018

Our practice offers both in-person and ONLINE appointments that are ultra-convenient. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. We work with children, teens, adults, couples, and families. We can get someone in to be seen with in a few days (if not sooner). Thank you! We appreciate it!

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Dr. Lena Pearlman Practice Update – 11/24/2018

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