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Dr. Lena Pearlman, LCSW – Practice Update 12/15/2018

I hope you are having an amazing weekend! 

Something To Think About:
“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”  – Margaret Mead

Did You Know?
18% of high school students reported thinking seriously about attempting suicide in the past year. (CDC, 2016)

Article – “45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body & Soul”:

Article – “19 Celebrity Quotes On Mental Health”
Whether you’re plagued by panic attacks, can’t control your moods or find getting out of bed a struggle most mornings, you’re definitely not alone

TED Talk – “What We’ll Learn About The Brain In The Next Century”

National Non-Profit Helps Schools With Mental Health & Wellness:
Learn more about “Distinguished School of Mental Health & Wellness”. A national non-profit (headquartered in St. Louis) that works with schools implementing a 12-month intensive training program in mental health and wellness (anxiety, depression, trauma, challenging students, perfectionism, teacher self-care, mindfulness, etc.). Schools that successful complete the program are nationally certified and recognized as a “Distinguished School”. More info at:

We’re Here To Help!
Our practice offers both in-person and ONLINE appointments that are confidential and ultra-convenient. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. We work with children, teens, adults, couples, and families. We can get someone in to be seen with in a few days (if not sooner). Thank you!

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Dr. Lena Pearlman, LCSW
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Dr. Lena Pearlman, LCSW – Practice Update 12/15/2018